Learning Forward

Learning Forward is a Gazette hosted series, designed to encourage interaction and idea sharing among participants. Together we explored solutions around issues critical to our community health. We revealed ongoing initiatives and ways to get involved to keep these projects going strong. Here are the highlighted projects:

It's Ok to Disagree

Varied perspectives can be a great thing. How do we respect differences and ensure all are heard? Are there proactive means to motivate people to step into leadership positions?

Mentor/Student Program

Connect students to employers, community leaders for perspective in a variety of industry and community affiliations. Motivate deeper understanding of the region that will stay with the student as they consider post-education career options and desire to get involved in community initiatives.

Iowa in the Winter Time

A year-round look at activities and means to enjoy our region. Iowa provides peak activity times in every season with room to create additional events, programs and initiatives.

For the contact information on how to get involved in these and other placemaking initiatives, contact Quinn Pettifer: Quinn.Pettifer@thegazettecompany.com. To follow the conversation, search #MakeYourPlace.

About the Employee Resource Group Consortium

Established in 2011, the ERGC supports employment related initiatives through collaborative partnerships, professional development and networking opportunities.

ERGC members routinely interact as a collective group, while also engaging in one of four committees (Marketing & Communications, Forum & Events, Research, and Advisory). Framing the work of the ERGC are three key areas of focus:

  • Diversity Attraction & Retention

    • Provide blueprints for starting ERGs and Diversity Councils
    • Support Corridor ERGs (including potential sponsorship) to offer both social and professional development programming

  • Community Cultural Orientation

    • Ongoing analysis of community orientation and collaboration needs/opportunities
    • Offer orientation plans for a variety of audiences and stages of engagement (e.g., on-boarding, board/committee opportunities, etc.)

  • Problem-Solving Think Tank

    • Focus Groups: Provide information and experiential learning opportunities (speakers, literature, video, etc.) through subject matter experts
    • Measurements Index/Scorecard: Provide aggregate data from member organizations to evaluate the impact organizational culture has on employee retention (e.g., gender/race/age demographics, brain drain, attraction/retention, cultural orientation)